Schooner Creek

The Schooner Creek watershed, located in Lincoln County along the Central Oregon Coast, spans 11,510.6 square miles.

Historic and current land uses raise concerns about the long-term health of the watershed, its ability to sustain wildlife populations and continue to serve as Lincoln City’s primary source of drinking water.  

To address concerns, SDCWC has teamed up with the City of Lincoln City, American Rivers, Ecosystem Services, LLC, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service and the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife in the Schooner Creek Whole Watershed Initiative.  

The three key components of this collaboration are (1) restoration projects (by SDCWC and the United States Forest Service); (2) land acquisition (by the City of Lincoln City); and (3) extensive public outreach campaign (led by SDCWC and American Rivers).

2011-2013 - Assessment, Restoration & Community Outreach

In 2011, SDCWC began its outreach campaign to educate the public about the need to protect and engender support for on-the-ground restoration projects within the watershed.

To complement its outreach endeavors, SDCWC retained John Sanchez of Cutthroat Country Consulting to conduct a Habitat Assessment within the Schooner Creek Watershed. The Habitat Assessment provides extensive guidance on the types of restoration projects and protective mechanisms that can be applied to preserve the watershed in the long term.

SDCWC intends to begin restoration and protection efforts in the Schooner Creek watershed in 2013.  Projects will include such things as road decommissioning, culvert repair, erosion mitigation, large wood placement, riparian planting, and conservation easement facilitation.

Funding for SDCWC's ongoing work in the Schooner Creek watershed is being provided by American Rivers, Cascade Pacific RC&D, the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, National Forest Foundation, and Network for Oregon Watershed Councils.

2007 - Schooner Creek Fish Ladder and Planting

In 2007, SDCWC replaced two deteriorating fish ladders on Schooner Creek's North and South Fork tributaries. The project was funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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