Rock Creek

east devils lake road fish crossing Directly east of the Outlet Mall in central Lincoln City, East Devils Lake Road drops down into an extensive wetland area, at the mouth of Rock Creek.

Rock Creek is tributary to Devils Lake, located on the southeast side, and hosts a genetically-unique run of coastal Coho salmon.

Unfortunately this important route, which connects the city to the eastern side of Devils Lake, was built at a low elevation over this wetland with inadequate culverts to allow for water to flow underneath in the wettest months of the year. This results in regular seasonal flooding of the roadway-- at the worst possible time for the salmon, during migration and spawning.

An expensive fix will be needed to change this situation.  SDCWC is joining with Lincoln County in leading efforts to gather partners and funding to assess and correct this important thoroughfare - for local residents, as well as endangered fish.

A Limiting Factors Assessment and Restoration Plan for Rock Creek provides watershed restoration actions proposed to enhance the habitat for Coho Salmon within the Rock Creek/Devils Lake basin.

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