SDCWC undertakes a number of restoration projects to enhance native habitats in our watersheds. Here are some of SDCWC's recent and ongoing restoration projects:

Bear Creek Habitat Enhancement Project (2012)

Habitat enhancement work is planned for Summer 2012 for Bear Creek. Activities include large wood placement, riparian planting, and removal of invasive plants.

Crowley Creek Habitat Enhancement Project (2007 – Present)

Crowley Creek feeds into the Salmon River estuary. SDCWC has been working on enhancing Crowley Creek’s riparian habitat. Activities include habitat assessment, planting of native trees and shrubs, culvert replacement and dike removal.

Pixieland Restoration Project (2007 – Present)

This project is part of an overall plan to restore the Salmon River estuary.

Tamara Quays Tidal Marsh Restoration Project (2007 – 2009)

Tamara Quays is the site of a former trailer park located in the Salmon River estuary. Siuslaw National Forest purchased the site and worked with SDCWC to restore Tamara Quays to a more natural state.

Tamara Quays restoration work


Photo: Regrading work as part of tidal marsh restoration at Tamara Quays.

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