SDCWC's numerous restoration projects will play a key role in the long-term protection of our local watersheds. Restoration, however, does not supplant the need to protect and preserve existing, functioning ecosystems.   

Preserving existing ecosystems and preventing further natural resource degradation helps provide biota and other natural materials needed for the recovery of impaired systems. In other words, restoration and protection go hand-in-hand.

SDCWC is expanding its commitment to watershed protection by exploring and facilitating new tools that complement its restoration work. Conservation easements are one such tool. A conservation easement is a legally binding agreement that permanently protects an area of land from development, to ensure the perpetuity of its conservation values, such as air and water quality and wildlife habitat.

Landowners who donate conservation easements, in many cases, are eligible for tax credits. Please contact SDCWC if you are interested in preserving your land through a conservation easement or another protective mechanism.

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