wilson lodge at Westwind

Much of the project work done by SDCWC is grant-funded, drawing on a variety of sources for materials and contracted work. However, there are still bills to pay that are not grant-funded. Our rent, utilities, office expenses, staff time that is used for non-project work like administrative tasks... these are examples of expenses for which we need to raise funds.

In the past few years we have held an annual spring event at beautiful waterfront locations like historic Camp Westwind (pictured above) on the Salmon River, and B'nai Brith Camp on Devils Lake (east of Lincoln City). This event has been held in spring and fall, celebrating the migration of salmon in local rivers and providing a great opportunity for supporters to enjoy a magical experience in local watersheds.

In support of our Dogipot program, we have also attended various events like Devils Lake Revival hosted by Devils Lake Water Improvement District, to raise funds for supplies (an ongoing need).

If you have a great idea for an SDCWC fundraiser event or would like to volunteer, please contact us!

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