Bear Creek

Limiting Factors Analysis (Fall 2008-2009)

Bear Creek was the subject of the 2009 Limiting Factors Assessment and Restoration Plan for Bear Creek. The LFA, conducted by Steve Trask of BioSurveys, LLC, noted that Bear Creek lacks sufficient summer pool surface areas, floodplain connection, and wood volume, resulting in poor retention and sorting of spawning gravels, shallow pool depth, and general habitat conditions that are not conducive to salmonid survival. The LFA also included a prioritized list of prescriptions to help guide SDCWC's subsequent restoration project planning efforts.

bear creek before wood placement

In 2010, SDCWC completed its first restoration project on Bear Creek. The project, based on one of the LFA prescriptions, entailed placing and anchoring large woody debris in a section of the stream. Large wood placement in streams enhances salmonid habitat by helping to boost summer pool frequency and trap mobile gravel resources for spawning.

bear creek after wood placement

In the Summer of 2012, with the cooperation of a private landowner, the US Forest Service and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, SDCWC will conduct a second large wood placement project. Activities will include large wood placement, riparian planting, and removal of invasive plants. Financial support will be provided through Stewardship Funds.

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