Prior to beginning work on any restoration project, SDCWC must assess restoration and site needs. This sometimes can be achieved by merely observing watershed processes and determining whether there are any deficiencies that SDCWC has the capacity to address. More often, however, pre-restoration assessment entails a collaborative effort by a number of experts, as well as funding through technical assistance grants.  

SDCWC's "Tech Team" - comprised of biologists, hydrologists, ecologists, engineers and other partners with specialized skills -  meets monthly to review and plan prospective projects. SDCWC and its partners also retain contractors to assist with project assessment and design. Here are some reports that have helped guide SDCWC's projects:

Limiting Factors Assessment and Restoration Plan for Bear Creek

Salmon River Fish Passage Barrier Assessment

Bear Creek Coho Habitat Limiting Factors Analysis

Salmon River Watershed Conservation Action Plan

Lower Salmon River Project

Lower Salmon River: Recreation and Restoration

Charrette Planning Process

Cascade Head Scenic Research Area (CHSRA) Management Plan

culvert assessment

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