Volunteer Opportunities

Water Quality

SDCWC is in need of volunteers to help with field sampling and assisting with lab work. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our water quality team.

Monitoring and Restoration Efforts

SDCWC has held over five outdoor work days each year in a variety of locations in the watersheds within its jurisdiction. For volunteer opportunities and job descriptions, contact us.

Technical and Organizational Participation

SDCWC is looking for volunteers with skills and experience to help with monitoring and restoration proposal development/review as well as with volunteer recruiting, public education, and fundraising.

Special Events

SDCWC holds several special events throughout the year, such as a fundraiser brunch and project tours.  We very much need your help with these and can find something appropriate to your availability/comfort/experience level. Come have fun and mingle with your local watershed council.

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