A Note from Exec. Director Catherine Pruett

CatherineDear Partners and Friends - As some of you have already heard, I have made the decision to leave the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council at the end of January to pursue another very exciting opportunity. It has been an honor to have served as the Council's first Executive Director. In my four years here, I have had the great privilege to work with exceptional people, on a plethora of amazing projects. What a journey it has been to see that work pay off! From watching salmon spawn in areas that had been inaccessible prior to our collaborative restoration efforts, to witnessing the joy that scientific discoveries bring to the local youth involved in our REEF Education Program, it has been an extraordinarily rewarding adventure.

As I move on to assist with the development of Sea Shepherd Legal - a new international environmental law firm dedicated to the protection of marine species and habitats - I exit this adventure with great confidence that the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council will continue to carry on its excellent work. Guided by exceptional staff members and a strong, engaged board, we will maintain our reputation as one of Oregon's highest-functioning watershed councils. I am committed to assisting with a smooth transition to stand by this assurance.

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to have played a role in protecting and restoring coastal watersheds and the species that inhabit them.

With profound appreciation -


-Please feel free to contact Paul Katen, our Board President, at 541-996-3161, should you need to reach the Council after my January 30th departure.

Welcome to our staff Una and Graham!

It's been a few months since these two individuals joined our staff and we thought it was time to introduce them.

Water Quality Program Coordinator, Una Monaghan

WQ sampling Una joins SDCWC with 10 years experience in marine biology and fisheries, freshwater habitat studies and organic biogeochemistry.

To learn more about Una, click here.

REEF Education Coordinator - Graham Klag

Graham KlagWater is a resource of inspiration, enjoyment and enthusiasm for Graham Klag. A native Portlander and longtime denizen of the Northwest, Graham has made conservation contributions to the region from Olympic National Park, to Portland's Forest Park.

To learn more about Graham, click here.