Salmon River kayak trip

Moonrise Kayak Outing on the Salmon River

Knight Park, north of Lincoln City

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The August "Full Sturgeon" Moon will be almost full on Wednesday, August 17 and the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council is planning a kayak outing in the Salmon River estuary. You are welcome to join us and enjoy one of the most unique places on the whole Oregon coast. It is a fun event and an opportunity to learn about the Salmon River estuary and to learn about the historic act of congress that created the unique Cascade Head Scenic Research Area.

Learn all about this free public event by clicking here.

The Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council mission is to promote the protection or restoration of healthy fish and wildlife resources, water quality, water quantity, and overall watershed health in the North Lincoln County area. Donations support efforts to protect and restore local watersheds. For more information, contact Paul Katen by email or call 541-994-9682.