SDCWC Welcomes New Executive Director

The Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council (SDCWC) is pleased to introduce the community to its new executive director, Josh Murphy. Josh will manage on-going watershed restoration projects and implement new ones for clean water and abundant salmon, oversee staff doing water quality monitoring and working with students in the REEF program.

Josh and his family are recently of Salem, Oregon. He has a long background in Oregon, with 11 years of work as biologist, natural resource manager, and Soil and Water conservationist and district manager in the Klamath Falls area. After a short stint in Florida, the family missed Oregon and soon came back so they could continue to explore Oregon’s outdoors, and so Josh could pursue work in natural resource conservation.

“My passion is to conserve and manage our strained natural resources. I want to pass the idea of conservation to the landowners and people responsible for making this happen, and help give them resources to do so,” explained Josh. “I try to build partnerships and work innovatively to get things done.”

Josh has both practical and diverse skills: he’s been a ranch hand, truck driver, fisheries biologist, timber cruiser, conservation planner, contract and grant manager, and finance manager. He has worked on or in collaboration with boards and agencies of a diverse range of private, public, tribal groups and non-profits.

“Our family has always dreamed of being near the ocean. To return to the work I love, and live on the Oregon coast, is a dream come true,” he said.