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REEF fundraiser

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Since 2013, the SDCWC has partnered with local schools to provide youth hands-on field experiences that create environmental awareness, understanding, and practical skills. The program reaches students with a variety of learning styles and motivates kids to become environmental stewards in their own back yard. This is REEF, Restoring Ecosystems and Educating Future conservation leaders. Click here to learn more about program highlights to date.

Who Benefits from My Donation?

Funds raised will be used to support SDCWC’s education and outreach program, which targets Taft Elementary 5th and 6th graders, and Taft 7-12 students. Each year, through REEF, 200 kids have classroom and field experience, 300 students attend Ecology Camp, and 200 high schoolers attend Conservation Career Day. SDCWC’s REEF program partners with resource agencies, community volunteers, schools and teachers to engage students in meaningful and technically sound environmental education. These generous partners allow REEF to offer the highest quality programming to the most students and still keep costs low.

What Do They Learn?

REEF students apply math, science, robotics and physics, art, and writing to address ‘real world’ projects. Through this engagement, they gain insights into their own aptitudes and interests for future studies and careers. 2016 REEF Intern Margery Price had this to say: "The REEF program sparked a passion in me for science that I had never felt before. By engaging in hands-on research and working in the field with my peers, I learned lessons far beyond what any textbook could ever teach me."

Help SDCWC serve more local students like Margery and give them quality, hands-on watershed education! Your donation is fully tax-deductible and gets a dollar-for-dollar match up to our goal of $8000.

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